Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange

This year I participated in the "Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange." A fun gift exchange from other Ag/Farm/Ranch related blogs around the United States. Although this year my farmer and I really cut back on what we normally spend during Christmas time (hello new house), I am so glad that I decided to participate in this. It's been great to get connected from so many different women from across the country. Each and every person that I have read about (all of them) I secretly want to be my new best friend or a lovely wine sharing neighbor. 

I had so much fun finding the perfect gift for Lara Durben from the blog My Other More Exciting Self , check out my gift to her here. She wrote a great post about it. 

I was lucky enough to receive an amazing assortment of gifts from Stacy Walker, a blogger from The Backroad Life. (If you have time you must check out her blog and her sweet little family) 

The UPS and Fedex man are no strangers to my house (I buy a lot of stuff for out new house online) It was fun to actually get a gift in the mail that was made up just for me. And let me tell you, coffee, caramels, cow Christmas ornaments and a plaid (only my favorite print-ever) infinity scarf-it's obvious that it was most definitely made for me.  So Stacy - if you are reading this - thank you thank you thank you...

All of my goodies... Isn't that scarf just beautiful - she also sells them, you must check out her Instagram page (Stacyfarmsew) , I have my eye on a couple of other prints to add to my collection. 

I will not show you the inside of this tin.... It's possible that i ate all of the goodies (caramels and popcorn) before I was able to even take a photo.... They were so good.

I love and collect Christmas ornaments - so I can't wait to add these to my collection next year.

I am not normally a fan of flavored coffee, but this coffee is amazing... I actually had a cup on Christmas Morning. 

Last but not least the sweetest little note from Stacy. :)

Please check out my newest friends (Stacy and Lara) and their blogs and head over to Christmas in the Country to read about all 70 farm/country bloggers who participated this year.

Happy New Year


  1. What fun gifts you received - I definitely need to check out Stacy's Instagram account because I love that scarf. It was so fun to participate in this gift exchange - I feel like we know each other now! :) Thanks again for your fun gifts and Happy New Year!

    - Lara
    My Other More Exciting Self

  2. Kirby, your secret Santa is a very, very special person! You're a lucky girl. I have enjoyed getting to know Stacy over the last year at blog workshops and chatting up storms with her in the late evenings as she's knitting. I gifted one of Stacy's scarves for Christmas and purchased one myself. They're so soft!

    I have noticed your posts on Instagram lately and have recently discovered your blog on computer. (I don't spend a lot of time on the computer anymore unfortunately) I am looking forward to following you and watching your house progress. I love your style and personality.

    Have a blessed New Year!

    Kelly at Old Blue Silo

  3. I am not usually a plaid wearer, but I would love to have a scarf that that! What a wonderful gift Stacy sent you. I am off to check out her store.

    Thank you so much for joining this year's exchange! I can't wait to see how the rest of the house comes along.

    Happy 2015,
    Laurie - Country Link

  4. Kirby,

    Thank You for joining in on the Christmas in the Country gift exchange fun! It's nice to get fun mail full of neat surprises.

  5. That coffee looks amazing and I love the scarf as well! Thanks so much for participating and linking up! I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog very soon!

  6. I'm a sucker for cow ornaments. So cute! Happy new year!


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