Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Lichte's New Farmhouse......Week 26

Here we are.... Week 26.

Lots of stuff has been happening even though from the photos you really can't tell... This week I promise not to bore you with picture of light switches and plumbing pipes. I am sure the past couple of weeks have been a snoozefest....

But back to Week 26... Finished rough in part of plumbing and electrical and I think maybe Heating and cooling. I am always so excited when we get done with things, then I realize an invoice follows the completion and that quickly takes that excitement away.

Building a house is expensive. I was completely naive to that. If my older brother (the one who built a house right before me) is reading this post then I can guarantee that he is laughing his a*# off... He tried to tell me.  But me, being a tad stubborn and hard headed didn't for a second believe him. I am sure that everyone does their "budget" differently. I obsess over it and have my own little spreadsheet that every bill is entered - I wouldn't necessarily suggest doing that.

Each person and family has their own lists of things that are important to them when building a home. You just have to find what those things are to you. In 10 to 15 years things go out of style and you want to change things anyways. (To my farmer who is reading this - I promise I won't do that - HA!)

Now enough doom and gloom of the house building process (back to the fun stuff).... Because I promise that MOST of it is very fun.

Week 26...

We got a new water line this week. 

Hopefully this next week we will get our garage doors. I am so excited to see them!

I have been re finishing our old table and chairs in the garage. I sanded the seats down but will have our painters to paint them all black. 

I am in the process of staining the top a cherry color and although I planned to stain the legs as well I am considering painting them black since I think it would be more of a nightmare to strip that paint. 

This is a better picture of the top it is a little bit darker than it appears in the photo... bad lighting... 

Black legs.. Thoughts? 

Maybe - just maybe - it will somewhat resemble this... 

The head of my table will be two Queen Anne chairs that will be recovered in this black buffalo check fabric.

This is the outdoor lighting that we got this afternoon at Home Depot. One will go on each side of our front door.

We also made the purchase of our kitchen sink... Also from Home Depot we got this apron front farmhouse style sink.  I really contemplated on getting just the one single basin - but for practicality purposes i opted for the two bowls.

I guess that's it for this week.  Besides a chilly day today we are still blessed with great weather for January. I think that this next week is supposed to be beautiful too, but it makes me nervous for what's to come in February. For now - I will enjoy it.

Have a great week....

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