Thursday, July 17, 2014

Farmhouse Wedding Details

Wedding pictures are in...
They are perfect (all 1,000 of them)... Our photographer was Sara Tafoya  Check out her work. She was great to work with as well, very laid back and easy going but still got all of the shots we wanted...

I have several friends and Instagram followers who have reached out to me in the past few weeks about wedding details. I am so excited for each and every one of these ladies, this is such a happy time... My farmer and I planned our wedding in just 4 short months. While looking back it was perfect for us, if I could share one bit of advice it would be to enjoy it all. It goes too quickly just like everything else...

There will be stress, there will be a lot of emotion, there will be overwhelming moments, but take it all in, soon it will be over and its such a perfect bonding time between your two families. I am blessed that our mothers and our fathers all have so much in common and really enjoy one anthers company. People are bound by marriage, your family is now their family too. 
So.... Here are the details, or a majority of the details, of our special day...

The dress..... I got back from Mexico late on a Saturday night and went dress shopping with my sister in law early Monday morning. Then purchased the 2nd dress I tried on.  When you know you know and when her eyes filled up with tears, I knew it had to be the right one. (that actually goes for the guy and the dress) Plus, it had to be ordered and didn't come in until a week before the wedding... Always always get your dress first. Then after you buy your dress.... stop dress shopping... 

My dress came from David's Bridal



MY shoes came from Macy's.... I adored them... Having the brides shoes match the wedding color is such a fun idea. It gives it that great splash of color.

Notice the new penny that is taped to my shoe... That was a last minute detail.

AND for the reception (and in between pictures) I purchased flip flops from Old Navy for myself and my bridesmaids.

For my Veil I opted for the old fashioned "birdcage veil"...I liked that it was a different look and I think it fit my dress perfectly...

Since I knew I would not keep the veil on for the reception, I wanted something that would remain in my hair the entire night... This lace comb found on etsy was the perfect thing. Again with Etsy, right. My farmer think we must have stock in it.

How handsome is my groom

For the tuxes all of the guys were in light grey Ralph Lauren with grosgrain navy blue ties.

All of the guy met up at my brother and sister in law's house. You cant' see their house in the pictures, but they have the most beautiful home that I may have ever been in. They just built it last year (and we are using the same contractor) but with the details of the home you would think that it's been there for 100 years, a look I am going for as well.

My bridesmaid dresses I ordered online... It was risky, but they are a pretty simple design (one shoulder) and I did order a color swatch so that eased my mind a little bit. They came from Weddington Way and I would recommend that company, my mom even got her dress there as well.

Navy Blue, Dupioni Silk (my most favorite fabric ever)... They are so timeless and classy...

the grey tuxes and the navy dresses went perfectly together.

All of the little kids clothes came from a variety of places... All of the little boys were in seersucker of some sort and of coarse little bow ties.

The little Lichte kids look tired and not really enthused, but boy are they cute...

While all of the Linebach kids (minus the girls and little Grant) look completely crazy... But oh so cute...


The ring.... He did so good on the ring, it will always be my most favorite accessory... AND he went to Jared's

My bouquet was all white... and I had a little locket picture of my grandpa and my farmers grandpa on it.... It was perfect - I can't tell you how many time I glanced down throughout the day wishing that those men were there for it, but I know they were watching over us that day - just as they always do...

I purchased these bouquet charms from Etsy.... If you are missing a special person on your wedding day - this is such a great way to keep them there with you.

The tent.... The big beautiful white tent came from Country Club Tents and it was set up in my parents backyard. They were great to work with - they set the tent up and they took it down. If you also rent your table and chairs from there they set those up as well. We had to set our own up because it was still very wet. Our outdoor reception turned out perfect but its added stress to your situation because of the weather. It's just something to think about- you always need a back up.


The flowers..... Hydranges were everywhere... I wanted to keep it a very simple backyard wedding (which is now a running joke in my family - does this look like a simple outdoor wedding) It was not... BUT it's still the look I was going for. 

We collected milk glass for four months. I stand corrected... My mom collected milk glass for four months. God bless that woman.

AND... of course I found a way to use my little white cow creamer...

While my bouquet was white, my bridesmaids carried light blue hydrangeas tied up with a navy blue double satin ribbon.

My Park Hill lanterns from Pottery Barn hung on the outside of the tents with a little greenery and double satin navy blue ribbon tied to it, and a flameless candle to give off the perfect glow for a mid June wedding.

 I knew we wanted a little hayride complete with a John Deere Tractor to take us from the church back to the reception place (about 1/2 mile)... One of my best girlfriends is an art teacher and a talented artist, so she made these awesome signs.  This group didn't need a limo or a party bus, just a Big Green tractor, some hay bales, a cooler, and a wagon. 

This church....My grandparents got married in this church, as did my parents. It's where we will baptize our children, they will cry in this church and have to be taken outside, they will eat a lot of cheerios, play some tic tac toe until they are old enough to understand the sermon, they will be confirmed here and someday.......God willing - they will then be married in this church as well. 
(I have just fast forwarded 25 years of my life and let me tell you - it's a beautiful one)


preserved boxwood wreathes hung down the center aisle of the church tied with a white double satin ribbon. I have since saved them to hang in my windows at Christmas time.

Our guest book sign in was a little scrap book created from Wedding Paper Divas. Such a great book for us to always have - I love sitting down looking through it.

Check out the beautiful card holder that my brother and sister in law made for us. There was a slot on the roof to hold our cards and someday it will double as a doll house for our little girl. Plus with the white house and black shutters its very similar to the farmhouse that we are building. So much time and hard work went into this gift I will forever be thankful.

I got our names and wedding date etched (i am a sucker for a monogram) into toasting glasses... I plan on toasting each other every year on our anniversary...

A John Deere garter was expected, right? This is another Etsy find. 

Our "favor" was the typical wedding koozie from this website... I almost opted out of this because it seems EVERYONE does it. But when you are serving canned beer in the middle of June, it's a must. 

Our caterer was a local company, Nadler's.  Not only is there food always amazing, they go so far beyond just cooking the food. They really do make sure your entire night runs smoothly. If you don't think of it - they do... If you are getting married locally - this is the place I recommend.

cake. cake. cake... It was SO good. That night the only piece that i ate was the piece that my farmer fed to me - but the next day we had some for lunch (and dinner)...

Simple white tiered cake with navy blue double satin ribbon around each tier. 

My cake topper was an easy purchase. I loved how simple it was. 

AND... in true Country Girl fashion we have a John Deere cake. Sarah Thompson, a local woman from Higginsville did this for us. It's perfect. 

I placed it on a wooden pizza board that I got at Pottery Barn and sat around some of our engagement pictures.

I also made a "Lichte Farms" banner out of burlap and stenciled it in green and yellow.... but somewhere between when I made it and when the photographer snapped this picture... the "h" fell off... Oh well - still cute...

Dance Floors.. they are not cheap to rent (appx $1,000) so we made our own. (appx $400) It turned out great. A huge thanks to my brother and his crew for doing this for us. 

Kids danced and played. 

My parents finally cut lose... (how cute are they?)

my family did the YMCA... (and it looks like I finally got a beer)

My farmer and his mom danced... I love this picture - pure happiness...


I danced with my daddy.... and our photographer captured this great shot... I am pretty sure that I had just told him thank you for everything he has done for me and he followed it with this great kiss on the cheek. I am blessed to be his daughter and a better woman to have a man like that love me. 

And then, just as he did at the church, my dad handed me over to my groom... And we danced the night away. No, not really, we danced this song then started saying hello to our guests... 

The wedding invitations and the wedding programs were part of the "Barn Toile" theme from Carlson Crafts. Very reasonable prices and with the barn, it was just perfect for our farm wedding. See below our wedding programs. I don't have a picture of the invitation.
 Honestly I am just too lazy to go get my camera, find my invitation, take a picture and upload it to my computer.

The local grocery store, Bucks Country Mart was where we got our beer. They order whatever you need and if you have any left over beer they purchase it back from you.
Plus they have big tubs to keep the beer in and even come out and ice everything down the morning of the wedding.

Don't judge us... Kirkland Chardonnay is the BEST)


I hope you have enjoyed all of our wedding details... And please if you still have any further questions please feel free to call me - I am happy to help or assist any way that I can. Happy Wedding planning to all of the beautiful brides out there.

Soon I will post just all of our pictures without any boring descriptions... Or I'll at least try to keep them minimal.

In a few weeks my farmer and I (along with 21 of my family members) are headed to Seaside, Florida. I have always read GREAT fashion blog posts about the things that people buy in preparation for a trip, so I am going to try that and give you guys a glimpse in to what I have been ordering for our 10 day beach getaway...I am by no means a fashionable person, I am currently wearing a Kansas City Chiefs t shirt, Nike shorts, and earlier this morning it was cold so I had on my dads flannel shirt.

SO bear with me as I try it out...

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer.


  1. LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

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  3. This farmhouse wedding just took my heart away. All details of this ceremony are fantastic. Thanks for the photos. My cousin is having a rustic chic wedding at one of iconic Chicago wedding venues. She is doing all arrangements for her big day.


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