Monday, September 8, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse Week 6

Hi Everyone -

First of all I wanted to thank you all for your input in your experience with appliances and appliance brands. You were all such great help. I have been thinking about appliances for a while now but like most stuff so far when it comes time to actually picking it out and actually pay for it - it's a tad more stressful.

I will get more to the appliances later - for now, take a look at what has happened during Week 6 at our Farmhouse.

Standing in my spot.... taking a picture of the front

This is the back of the house

I go back and forth on the size - but tonight... it looks big (that's always a little scary)

The east end of the house AKA my closet and bathroom... I mean our closet and bathroom!

Next is actually filling the forms with concrete - then we get floors and lots of other stuff (plumbing, etc)

Back to the appliances.

We are still early on picking out appliances, but there were so many great Labor Day Sales we could not pass them up. We purchased a Refrigerator, Gas Range and Dishwasher all from Best Buy and all are Samsung. The best part is that they keep them in there warehouse until we are ready for them and deliver to us at no extra charge.

We are still in the market for a Double Wall Oven (what - I like to cook) and an Under-Counter Ice Maker.  I am sure we will purchase those at Best Buy as well, because when we made our purchase -since we spent so much money they GAVE us a $400.00 Best Buy gift card. I have more ovens picked out and I know my farmer was eyeing a bigger TV. 

 I have done extensive research and went to look at appliances at so many places so we felt confident that we were making the right decision. In addition to the great sale that Best Buy was having they also had 0% financing for 24 months which was the best decision for us. We can get them paid off by the time out house is done (by paying extra) and we have NO interest, luckily we have yet to draw on our construction loan. But since our concrete walls are wrapping up I am sure it won't be that way for long.

Next week I am sure will be about more concrete and soon we will be picking out windows and doors. Hope you all are having a terrific Fall, my farmer starting picking corn today.. Everyone have  safe and happy Harvest..

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