Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse Week 9

Hi Everyone,

We are another week down...

 I was in the middle of writing this post Sunday afternoon... Then tragedy struck. I got that phone call from my sister... The one where I can tell she has been crying, asking if I have talked to mom and telling me not to worry... You know, the kind that just stop you in your tracks and know that your world is getting ready to come crashing down.

My Poppy had a heart attack and he didn't make it. I have a special post planned that I have been writing in my head at night when I can't sleep - so this one is going to be just about the house. We will get back to my sweet Poppy maybe later in the week...

Back to Week 9....We got out concrete floors in our basement and a lot of great dirt work... To all of our workers, I am that crazy lady always walking around with a camera around her neck..

The finished product.... Concrete Floors.... We are SO excited for these..

And that's our Week by Week photo.. Looking at the front of the house from Week 9.

A little alter in the week we got some steel beams put up. This photo is missing one beam, it was too snug of a fit, so I think that they had to do a little cutting.

In addition to dirt work, we got lots of gravel... This is the back porch. Originally we had a screened in porch for the plan, and although I love screened in porches, I think just an open but yet covered porch will be a great grilling area.

One thing that I have been worried about is a steep driveway... Our concrete pad will technically be the ONLY place that our kids will have to ride their bikes someday (well that and the 2100 sq. ft basement) so it was important to me to not have a slope AT ALL... What I thought was impossible with some great dirt workers-they did it... It turned out so much better than I ever really imagined. That dirt work really made it look like a House..

A lot happened during Week 9, and we are currently on Week 10 so I can promise a lot more progress this week too.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words with my families loss this past week.

Hug your people a little tighter... What I would give for just one more.

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