Monday, September 22, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse Week 8

It's been 8 weeks..... and even though I am ready to start seeing some more progress (Wood) it has been so much fun to see everyday things happen. That's one perk to building about 150 from where we are currently living. Well that and the fact that we don't have to move anywhere until our house is finished.

Here is my progress picture... Week by week I stand in the same spot and here is Week 8....

Might not be a lot different than last week, but we have LOTS and LOTS of gravel. The gravel was used to fill in some around the foundation. The rest will be back filled with dirt.

It's really nice to not have my foundation filled with rain water from the past 8 weeks. It was beginning to be a nesting place for mosquito's. 

This is the back of the house - look how great our view is going to be from the front porch (minus the pile of dirt)

About a month ago we made the decision to install a Ground Source Heat Pump. It was a huge decision and we didn't take it lightly. After plenty of research, number crunching, talking with people who had one installed, we decided to go for it. It's a lot more money up front for the unit and installation, but in the end saves money and will pay for itself. Plus there is the perk of not having a noisy unit outside... That's right - there is no AC unit, everything is installed underground. That's all I am going to say about that, because really that's all the farther my knowledge goes on that subject. AC/Heating units are my farmers job, I like to concentrate on other things, like light fixtures.

We had all of our basement plumbing done during Week 8. We are not finishing our basement (we probably won't ever finish it) You know, until we have teenagers and their loud music and eye rolling annoy us.... But for now it's just plumbed for a future kitchen area and bathroom. 

Week 9 (which started today) we are supposed to be getting concrete floors in the basement. That will take a couple of days, and then after that hopefully we will begin framing. I am ready to see the house really start to go up. I feel like I have starring at the same hole in the ground and I am ready to start looking up. 
Have a great week everyone. My farmer is in full Harvest mode - we are still eating, breathing, sleeping, thinking...all things corn..

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