Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Lichte's New Farmhouse Week 7

Well it's harvest time on the farm so my farmer has been working around the clock. I have secretly been excited for Harvest to start. Don't get me wrong, I miss eating dinner at a decent hour, having my farmer around more and our social life (or lack thereof) will revolve around the weather for the next several months. BUT - it's a great time for me to get some of my little "projects" done.

On the list this harvest season is redoing my kitchen table and chairs, upholstering my new "used" wing back chairs and cleaning out our detached garage. You can bet I will have posts about my table and chairs and my attempt to reupholster something, but I think I will leave the garage cleaning out to your imagination. No need for a blog post about that one - It will be just me wearing boots and gloves in an attempt to steer clear of any spiders...

Back to the house, last week was week 7.... Here is my week to week point of view. Look at that big blue beautiful sky..

 We finally got all of our concrete walls done. Waiting on mother nature was frustrating at times (we are used to it - we are farmers) but our walls look great... After the concrete was poured and the forms were ripped off the basement walls were coated tar.

We do not have a walkout basement and because of the front porch expanding the whole front of the house these two windows are the only basement windows that we have. 

We decided to turn underneath of our front porch into a "storm shelter"... We had actual concrete walls poured on both sides and will eventually have a concrete roof as well. It will be great peace of mind with the bad storms that we sometimes get here in the Midwest PLUS with our bigger front porch it also adds about 750 square feet of storage. I plan to have shelves built in there and it will be a great for canned items... 

Those are the two holes for our garage doors... I plan to have the barn style garage doors. 

That's all on our house. This next week might be kinda slow around here. Maybe a little bit of plumbing stuff for the basement and some drainage tile for the exterior of the foundation. But I do have a meeting with the window guy.

From the paper it looks like we have a pretty decent amount of money budgeted for windows, but I have been warned that it will not go far. I love windows, I don't want to have to lose any, but I have several areas of my home that have a grouping of 3 and 4 windows together. To stay in budget we will make those groupings down to 2 and 3 if necessary. Who am I kidding - it's going to be necessary. (I hope my farmer is reading this-he will be proud)

I love transom windows. I think I have known the definition of transom since I was 6 years old (thanks Mom)... I was always that weird kid flipping through my moms Southern Living magazines..

I would love to have this from my living room our unto our back porch. (as my farmer says - just looking at that is making us over budget) But come on - isn't it beautiful... 

Or something like this but instead of three sets of doors (cha ching) I'll settle for a door in the middle and windows on the side. 

We have got a very open living area floor plan - it's one of our favorite things about the house, but it limits actual doorways. We do have a perfect little doorway from the front hall to the kitchen and I plan on having a transom above the doorway there like this picture below from... you guessed it... Southern Living.

Well - that's where we are at for now... I'll be hitting house stuff pretty hard since my farmer is in the field. I hope everyone is having a safe and bountiful harvest. I know with the market prices being really low it makes it a little bit tougher (especially when you are building a new home) but I hope you all wake up and go to bed feeling very blessed - I know my farmer and I do.

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  1. Wow it really looks like you are making exciting progress. I remember the first few months of building at our house. It felt like it was taking ages and then all of a sudden we had a home and we could move it. It felt so strange walking through the finished product. We have been thrilled with the outcome though.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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